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‘Education Act should have come 50 years back’

‘Education Act should have come 50 years back’

New Delhi: Terming the landmark Right to Education (RTE) Act which came into force on Thursday as “marvellous and great”, India’s leading educationist and an advisor to the central government, Prof. Yash Pal said the actshould have come five decades back.

“This is great. This is marvellous. But I believe it should have come 50 years back,” said Yash Pal, who is also a former chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

“Let this act start functioning. I think there will be an amendment in future to incorporate all students and just not of the six to 14 age group,” he said.

“I think, there should be some provision for children below six and above 14,” said the former scientists, who was also a key figure behind developing new curricula under the national curriculum framework.

He was, however, very optimistic about the fact that the act, which promises freedom from illiteracy, will focus on helping over eight million out-of-school children gain education.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh dedicated the act to the nation as a fundamental right and hoped to empower the nation through the light of education.

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