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This service is available to the students, faculty, and staff of Kendriya Vidyalaya Baramulla and any visitor to this site.

What does “Ask a Librarian? ” service do?

It answers simple factual questions. Please submit your question using the mentioned online form. You will be contacted by the Librarian. Please describe your question in detail.


mail to mohammad.khalid_786@yahoo.com

For additional assistance,

please visit the Library


25 Responses

  1. Deepak says:

    dear sir,
    I am getting more inormation from library site

  2. Yasir and Areshpreet says:

    Mr Khalid, your hard work is clearly reflected from this piece of work. We are glad to have a teacher like you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr Khalid, You have an excellent job. The is TERRIFIC !!!. You must have done hell of a job. CONGRATs and Keep it up.
    Wishing u and ur career a best of luck.

    A Parent, Ex KV student and a School site owner


    Please view indianschoolsohar.blogspot.com in ur leisure time and advise on how to improve it.


  4. sarwan kumar IX says:

    Dear Sir I Am happy to see the information here
    . I got more Knowledge

  5. jamsheed showket says:

    dear sir
    we are very happy to have a teacher like you because this site gives us lot of information like thoughts etc.
    thank you

  6. Avinash Yadav says:

    all the best for future

  7. jamsheed showket says:

    jamsheed aijaz avinash showket is very +thankful to you for this mindblowing site because this site gives us lot of information.
    we request to you that please arrange books realted to teenagers. it will be your good job.

  8. deepa says:

    dear sir
    you have done a commendable work.

    plz post report and pictures of Primary Cluster level meeting too.
    im sending pics on ur email id


  9. deepa upadhyay says:

    dear sir
    thanks for giving space to our Primary section on your website.

  10. Tanvi Pradhan says:

    Sir, this is a very good and helpful site for all the students.

  11. hai sir this is girish parmar kv koraput (prt). want model and question paper of evs.and hindi of 5th standard.

  12. R.P.Meena TGT Eng. KV STPS Suratgarh says:

    dear sir,u have done really praiseworthy job.you have provided vast scope for the curious readers.thanks a lot sir.

  13. Anonymous says:

    sir please help me to available me a class 11 th computer science böok through downloading


  15. lakshman rao says:

    sir, all praise for you, you have wonderful site for the vidyalaya library sir, I want help from you please send what ever useful site you have to my site so that I can also make vidyalaya site at the early date.I am very poor in computer knowledge.I am not getting proper help from computer teachers. please help me.

  16. grambharatee says:

    Dear Khalidji, Congratulation for your hard work. This is a best site for students ,I have ever seen.Keep it continue.

    Best wishes.

  17. Hello..
    Can i get help about the application for maulana abul kalam azad scholarship for year 2012-2013.
    I keep checking the UGC website for the same, but an updated website is not available.Has govt stopped the scholarship or is it still there? IF yes when is the time for application. Please help me with these information.
    Thank you

  18. hehac says:

    in which language”my experience with truth”was written..??

  19. vinay kumar jain says:

    we would like to view the primary science kit material but this site is not responding. kindly look into the matter.
    thanx and hope for reply

  20. Shashi Bhushan says:

    I want know the answer of this question: Q. which state is called the cradle of buddism? please tell me source of this question like books & author name .

  21. shaurya says:

    could you provide know for sure book 8 for download or as pdf?

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