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Dated 05 Nov 2009

1.0 Introduction

Monthly report for the month of Oct 2009 gives a continuation of regular activities.


2.0 Activities: Administrative

2.1 Library Blog Site

Library blog site has been constructed. Blog URL is https://kvblalibrary.wordpress.com.


The students and teacher will read and download following Fruitful information:

a.  Vidyalaya library books catalogue so that they will know what are available in the library.

b. General knowledge books

c. CBSE sample papers

d. Young Word Quiz

e. GK Questions with answer

f. E-Books

g. Monthly report of the library

h. Science for Class-X

i. Vidyalaya activities

j. Great freedom fighters

k. Online books



2.2 Automation Of The Library

The stock of the library has automated by using Microsoft Access, paterns can search by using keyword, author, title and subject.

A Library Database of Books Maintained. Total No. Of Books = 11 have been entered in this month only.


2.3 New Arrival in the library

a)      Play Activities for Child Development

a)      Culture Of India

b)      Challenge Of AIDS

c)      Domestic Animals

d)      Vegitables

e)      Energy

f)        Plastics

g)      Every Day Mathematics


2.4 Library Statistics Till Date 31/10/2009

Total No. of books accessioned                                    =3575


Total No. of books physically present               =2935


Total No. of NCERT books                                         =0802


Total No. of Reference books                                       =0172


Total No. of Refresher & help Books                            =0114


Total No. of books in Hindi                                          =1249


Total No. of books in English                                        =2263


Total No. of books in Sanskrit                          =0061



3.0 Activities-Academic

3.1 Class Libraries


Class libraries for classes I to II were formed. Boxes with required number of books were given to the respective class teachers and Class library for Classes III to V are also taking in the library regularly.


3.2 Screening of VCDs

Subjective VCDs were also screened in this month. All the students got more information related subjects & this type of programme has develop the interest in the subject among the students. All the students praised the VCD method.



3.3 Book Alerts and Announcements

The information about the new arrivals has been circulated among the students and teachers along with announcements in assembly.


3.4 Books reviews:

Following books reviewed by students:

1 Adventure of School Bailey Kid

2  Some Stories by Prem Chand




3.5 Books Exhibition

Book exhibition on Intenation School Library Day held in the library.


3.6       Circulation

3.6.1   Students


In the months of Sept 454 books/ documents were issued to the students in which 301 Books were concerned in the library and 153 books were issued for home. Number of books borrowed by students very low due to Social Science Exhibition & sports activities.



3.6.2 Teachers

Despite the regular book alerts and other programmes the number of books borrowed by the teachers remained low. Only 03 books were issued to teachers during this month.


3.7 Classification and Cataloguing

In the time of the accessioning of new books the technical works have also been taking place.


4 Findings and Conclusion

  • The induction of Library card system generates a good response from among the students.
  • Many books were issued to the students.
  • VCD Screened attracts students and teachers
  • G k discussion attracts students

Positive responses from the reading community enhance the urge to do more experiments in the School Library activities.




(Sh. B S Gharoo)                                                                                                 (Md. Khalid)

Principal                                                                                                                    Librarian




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